Roller Coaster


“So brave moving your life to a new country with your kid” said the school nurse I met at the new school where my son is attending to. She said, “I can´t imagine doing that with my husband and two kids!” I answered that it has been not an easy thing leaving everything I have behind and definitely something none of my friends would have done on their own (without a partner). So to answer to many questions I have been receiving, I thought it would be nice to start my writing again and tell you the story.


First of all, not all of you know but when I was young I always loved writing and expressing. I decided to start writing in August 2020 just 5 months after the pandemic changed our way of life in Mexico. Wrote my first book and loved every moment of doing so. I said to myself it would be nice to write in English, yet I do not have really a lot of skills, vocabulary, etc. Thought it would be a great idea to study and as I researched in many schools and places, it was quite expensive. Found a way to do so in Norway and thankfully I got selected to a scholarship in a Bachelors degree.


“What happened with your business?” some are asking. My business is still going as strong as it was. We have managed to do everything online as the world situation made us realize we can do so many things online. I love talking to my clients and it is clear for me that zoom, whatsapp and all the resources we have can connect us to anybody, anywhere in the world. It is just a matter of willingness and of course the schedule has been upside down a bit and sometimes I end up meetings very late at night but I think that we can adapt to anything if we put our positive mind to it. So thankfully still have a job!


“What about your sons?” So my oldest child is in an exchange program he had already booked since last year in Switzerland. He is studying High School that is fully in German and is very focused on engineering and mathematics, which he loves. My youngest son came to live with me in Norway and is studying at a school where the classes are given in English and he has a Norwegian class that he is getting grasp to it little by little. Adaptation for him has been rough as he was away from a classroom for one year and a half. He is many times happy but it has been very difficult with his attitude and sometimes I get very frustrated because he is negative, nagging and if I say something he does quite the opposite. I feel irritated and tired sometimes. If you are a parent you can understand me, we all know how raising a child is. You love them but it is not always easy, specially when they start with pre puberty. I hope and pray for patience and wisdom. Please do the same for me if you can.


“Do you miss home?” Certainly I miss my mom, Borrado, my friends and many other comfortable things I had back home. Getting used to doing a lot of things I didn´t used to do has been overwhelming. I feel warmth in my heart for I had the best help I could get and I feel so blessed about it. I wasn´t expecting anything but finding that there is extraordinary in this world has raised my soul in so many levels. I am glad there was willingness even though the most comfortable thing to do was not help me and continue with their daily routine. Been able to receive this has been the best gift that anybody else has given me. Every little detail counts. It has been amazing and I would be forever grateful. In the University it has been tough as going back to school after so many years, while working during the afternoon and night, daily chores, cooking, being a mom, getting settled, having no telephone, or Wi-Fi outside, no car, new language, doing homework, getting furniture, while also handling stuff from Mexico it has been challenging. Though when I start walking safely on the street, observing how things work, seeing my son going to a normal school day, looking at clean streets, observing how they can leave the keys of their car on top of the roof, watching the kids walking on their own to school and nothing happens has me in awe.


I had the privilege to have been invited by a Norwegian family and get to know the daily life in the countryside, learned a new table game, savored handmade waffles, and experienced a lovely fireplace. I survived a near death experience in a motorcycle and feel grateful that I came back in one piece. Saw snowmobiles at full velocity doing a contest on water. Had a patient and lovely kid taught me how to skip a rock in the water. I have cooked Mexican food, and I can find tortillas here in any supermarket. Had my first BBQ (carne asada), spoiled myself with some ice cream and mezcal. Shared hearing to music, time to relax, laugh and enjoy life.


Why a roller coaster? Well, because it has been difficult for me adapting with all the responsibilities I have here on my own and also the ones in Mexico. Not having the noise of the complete family at my home has changed and the help I had always. Daily activities have changed quite a lot, I miss my oldest son and I know that it is part of life: to let them go. I feel happy that he has been adapting well and also proud that I have raised such a wonderful independent (in a way) young man. I have also experienced so much joy, happiness, peace, laughter and acceptance of my real me. I have received praise on my cooking skills and positive comments on my person. I have found that with the proper words and push I can do things I had never imagined on doing. I have felt so much love and care like never before. I have also had felt powerless on how my son feels and acts. I can say in general a lot of challenges and happiness all together. Certainly it has been the best decision ever. Unexpectedly I am having the best time of my life. I feel beyond grateful and will keep on looking forward to whatever ups and downs may come.



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  • Wow! Apenas voy enterándome y tengo que decirte que no me sorprende nadaaaa! Siempre has roto paradigmas y eres una fregona! Amo que seas libre! Y amo que eso le enseñes a tus niños! Te deseo lo mejor del universo aunque se que ya lo estás disfrutando! Abrazo apretado!

    Nan Mora
  • Bravo Liz! Sigue así, viviendo cada día, cada experiencia y oportunidad con gratitud, dejando que tu corazón te guíe. Es de admirase! Abrazo grande! <3

    Aline Durán
  • Amiga me encantó leerte y saber como te sientes, que gusto saberte contenta con tu decisión y aunque represente un gran reto en muchos sentidos, lo mejor es que lo estás disfrutando. Sigue creciendo en amor, espíritu y felicidad. Eres admirable!
    Te mando un apapacho mexicano! Besos!

    Caro Mtz
  • Amiga, mis respetos, eres un gran ejemplo, no cabe duda que las mujeres somos chingonas y cuando nuestro motor son nuestros hijos más. Muchísimas felicidades, te admiro y te deseo lo mejor en esta aventura, no te olvides de tu terruño estoy segura que mejor representante mexicana y regia no podemos tener. Te mando abrazo fuerte con todo mi cariño 😘

    Ale Siller
  • Amiga, mis respetos, eres un gran ejemplo, no cabe duda que las mujeres somos chingonas y cuando nuestro motor son nuestros hijos más. Muchísimas felicidades, te admiro y te deseo lo mejor en esta aventura, no te olvides de tu terruño estoy segura que mejor representante mexicana y regia no podemos tener. Te mando abrazo fuerte con todo mi cariño 😘

    Ale Siller

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