Let go all of your dreams,

let go all of your desires,

just come back to the empire,

just come back to the routines.


Traffic, noise, contamination,

school, gym, whatsapp, breakfast,

make yourself beautiful and fast,

work, house, chores, organization.


That is the reason of my creation,

responsible of me and for others,

a creature relating to my brothers,

Did I have time for some reflection?


Throw to the trash your degree,

Cast away all of what you dream,

the Angel of the House is your duty,

fill expectations that mankind grants. 


Judge me for all what I do,

for being alone and sad too,

two treasures to hold on to,

a cathedral no one moves into.


Come, come to tell me what's wrong,

to preach to me about the right thing,

better off as a mask - they push me,

forget about the flower in me. 


Mistreatment and abandonment,

for a piece of money and honey,

oi oi you are good at judgment,

oi oi eyes and thoughts claim guilty.


Run, run, come back to the game,

the one that is known and soothing,

a kingdom of royals and kings,

palaces of beautiful queens.


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