The Cabinets

The Cabinets


My heart is bursting with astonishment. How a simple unexpected act of kindness can be an answer to a doubtful soul. How come a napkin note can make such an effect on the expanding emotion of thankfulness inside myself? I am trying to put some words on this as I am writing, but it all I can tell you is that I feel my throat and chest shining like the brightest star in the sky. This light is just so intense that I burst into tears of joy as I felt it was an answer of my prayer. A confirmation during this week has led me to think in differently, that here is where I am supposed to be now. This is the place that will surprise me in so many ways that I can´t even think of. A solid confirmation came in a way that I would never imagine to be.


It has been a bumpy road coming into a new place. I came in to my apartment and there was some cabinets missing when I arrived. There was no fuss about it because I had only a few things with me so practically no need for it. As my days passed by, I got the incredible confirmation that my oldest son could arrive into the country. I had to move fast. I had only one single bed where my youngest son would always complaint a bit about it. Suddenly, the need became an urge. Searched for a bunk bed and found a great one, almost new. I wanted to see it first and my good friend Mauro took the time to take me in his car to see them. As I walked in the house, Ana greeted me kindly and showed me the options I had to choose from. I had found the right one but now needed to urgently move some cabinets from my boys’ room so they would fit.


As I tried to explain to my tenants about the situation and due to the language barrier it was difficult for me to get my thoughts thru. I didn´t get the message through quite well. Until finally they send someone to see my place and understand better the story of the cabinets. Fortunately, at the end, they got the idea of what I needed and offered to help me at first hour in the morning. I couldn´t believe such a wonderful and prompt response. Normally, they come in into your place and they fix things while you are not at home. Very convenient and comfortable way to do things may I say. And yes, here there is a culture of honesty so this is something particularly different from where I am. So, in return of this gesture I thought to myself to leave some chocolate behind and a note to appreciate the quick action of solving the placement of my cabinets.


After my winter vacations in Mexico, I felt kind of disconcerted. I was not able to identify if there was still a validation of me to pursue my writing aspirations. In my hometown I had a comfortable life, lived close to my family, a nice home, love my job and had close to me life long lasting friendships. All of it in exchange of pursuing a dream I really don´t know the outcome? All this questions were rising inside my mind. Why am I in Norway? Why did I come so far from my country? Is it worth it? Should I go thru all of this trouble and risk taking? My struggle was real, sometimes I couldn´t even sleep because I was busy with school work, being a mom, my two jobs, and one of them at the other side of the ocean with a very odd work schedule. I turned into God and asked for an answer. Maybe things are going wrong, so I will go back home to where I belong?


Then, a series of events started to develop. First, a message loud and clear came to me at the church that I attend to. I felt every single word of what was being said and could relate to the struggle sometimes you face when you leave what you know behind and start in a new place. It got thru every cell of my pores and it gave me the energy and excitement to continue my dreams. Then came the bunk bed logistics. I didn´t know how I was going to move a bunk bed from where I needed to pick up and place it at my home. Then Hannah the seller, offered to bring it to me. My neighbor Alana and her husband Alex, who are from Russia offered me their hands and help to put the bed together. And when Hannah and her husband arrived I remembered she was from Ukraine. In my poor knowledge of what is going in the news (since I am busy as a bee) I remembered that Ukraine used to be part of Russia so I assumed they would know the language. As we were coming down the stairs to receive the beds I introduced my friends to them, they started speaking the same language. Without me even asking they smiled, greeted and worked together harmoniously and in within just a few minutes my sons´ bunk beds were ready and steady. In our conversation they mentioned briefly the issue it has been on the media. But the rest was talking about our life. I thought to myself, this is such a manifestation of how in some places you can be in a brink of a war and in another one you can be peacefully cooperating and knowing each other.


Early on the next day my tenants send someone to fix the cabinets. As soon as I arrived I asked my neighbor Alana if she would like to see how the room looked. So we entered and in a rush went to my room to see the outcome. The cabinets were lovely placed and everything clean and in order. Amazingly surprising. As I say good-bye to Alana I suddenly turn around and look at the table where I have left the chocolates. I would have never imagined that when I came back the chocolates would be still there. Not only that. There was a note from my tenant that said “Enjoy your time with your kids” complemented by a gift certificate for them to treat themselves at the University canteen. I was so surprised, so uplifted and felt my chest bursting with incredulousness and happiness. I was telling my friend how I had this questions in my mind and suddenly I started to cry because I was so thankful for this unexpected gift. I got a clear and strong answer. I keep getting these messages yet I always try to use my rational mind. Now I know that I am here for a reason, I will stay here even when things are still foggy. I will just focus on one day at a time and continue being thankful of this genuine signs of love.


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